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The most popular choice on almost every occasion. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday gift, congratulation gift, cheer up, or even just to say hi to someone. In our store, we provide you options of various sizes and colors of the bouquet. You can customize the bouquet by choosing specific flowers, paper wrapping, or ribbons. Also for anyone who is keen for us to guide you through our options, we would be very happy to create your special bouquet carefully tailored to your needs. You would simply need to advise us on the tone of the colors that you are interested in and we would happily put together the most suitable bouquet for you.


Red bouquets

'Red', the most dynamic and passionate color. Symbolizes love, rage, and courage. 


White bouquets

'White', the most complete and pure. The psychological meaning of white is innocence.  


Yellow-Orange bouquets

Sunshine, hope, and happiness are represented by 'Yellow'. As well as 'Orange', the color which represents joy, creativity, and warmth.


Pink bouquets

The combination of red which stands for passion and white which stands for purity. 'Pink', takes all the passion and purity and leaving us with the color of tenderness.


Purple - Blue bouquets

Purple and blue create a harmonious balance of awareness and peace. Seeing these colors makes you calm and faithful.


Colorful bouquets

The combination of all the color that makes the day even fresher, energetic and also stylish.


Botanical bouquets

Bringing you into the forest where all the mystery of flower fairies are living.

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